MESSAGES Principal's Message

For a society to survive and progress, each generation must pass its knowledge, skills and values on to the next. This process is called education. Passing on knowledge is so vital that most countries have established formal systems of education for teaching children, by sending them to schools and colleges.

Throughout our lives we are also educated informally, by parents, friends or the media. Education provides society with doctors, teachers and scientists; gives industry a capable workforce and helps maintain law and order by instructing people in social values. Different types of education cater for different needs. We are dealing with medical education to provide doctors who will serve humanity. With this noble aim the Founder Directors of Mainamoti Medical College applied in the year 2011 to the government seeking permission to establish a private medical college and a modern 370 bed hospital attached to it which is now increased to 500 beds. Accordingly after getting permission we started the classes of 1st year MBBS in Mainamoti Medical College from January 2012.

I am glad to inform you that Mainamoti Medical College is for going ahead with confident steps towards a bright future. It is now a 8th time that Mainamoti Medical College has wide open its doors to welcome the next batch. We believe that we have on the most exciting freshest and most flexible undergraduate medical education programs in this country. Our institute, one of the finest in the country, will give you the best possible professional knowledge. You will be taught by highly qualified faculty members. I am happy to let you know that 1st & 2nd batch students of Mainamoti Medical College (MmMC-01, MmMC -02) has completed their journey of MBBS course. I have full confidence on them that they will act as an true ambassador of our noble institution. We continue to evaluate and improve our programs to ensure best medical education for our students, so that they can acquire adequate knowledge, skill and temperament. I wish each and every students of Mainamoti Medical College to be a best qualified and dependable doctor, rendering their service to the nation and they will be Committed to Embrace Humanity.
Prof. Dr. MD. Nazmus Saadat